The FOB is transparent, barely visible and does not affect the appearance of the buildings. Its use is simple and safe. It can be applied without prior knowledge or experience and it is effective immediately.

The product costs £24.43

FOB is:
– Water resistant
– Heat resistant
– Withstands temperatures of 80º C
– Dust resistant
– Environmentally compatible

Product dimensions:
– 22.5 cm high
– 5 cm circumference
– 310 ml volume
– Box contents: 20 X 310 ml



Due to its unique formula, the pigeons, for example pigeons, that come into contact with the FOB will find it frightening and unpleasant, as they will not find a foothold and will immediately move away from these areas. Direct contact with the product is not dangerous towards animals. FOB is suitable for use on cornices, tiles, windowsills, floor tiles, railings, roofs, chimneys, photovoltaic panels, glass and all common interior and exterior surfaces.


1) Clean the surface before application, remove dust, nets, etc.
2) Apply on dry and clean surfaces.
3) Each strip should be about 1cm wide/thick.
4) Each strip should be about 15-30 cm in length.
5) There should be a distance of 4-5 cm between the strips.
6) The first strip should be applied no more than 2-3 cm from the leading edge (landing zone)


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